Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More on this year vs. last year

There are two current players who were on the Tulsa 66ers last year ... Moses Ehambe and Steven Hill. Yesterday was spent asking both of them about how things have changed for the team in the span of a year.

Hill was very succinct with his answers...

"The mindset is really to develop, that's the point of this league. The emphasis has been to work on individual skill, especially after practice and win games. It really seems like an NBA setting, from weight training to practice plans, and everything is really well put together and organized."

Let's not forget how important it is for the 66ers to have the Thunder as a more prominent player this season. Last year, Thunder management concentrated on finishing the move from Seattle and really establishing the team in its new home city. This year, the Thunder can shift its focus up the Turner Turnpike toward Tulsa.

The Thunder are improved in the early stages, as are the 66ers. It's no coincidence as both teams have the same philosophy ... playing defense and doing the little things right win games.

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