Thursday, December 31, 2009

Staying sharp during a layoff

Happy New Year...

Returned from 66ers practice a short time ago and asked 66ers head coach Nate Tibbetts how he is keeping his team focused during a stretch when they play just two games in 12 days (going 1-1 in Reno last weekend).

"It has been tough with the schedule, both the lack of games and the holidays," he said. "In practice, the guys have been getting a little more competitive, and I think we have to competing in practice. It's been quiet for a bit, but we're getting ready to play four games in six days so we'll need to be sharp. I told the guys during the break that it was an important time to regroup and rest and come out ready to play, starting this weekend."

Guard Cecil Brown also chimed in on the long stretch of not playing.

"We’re trying to build off what we've done so far this season and keep moving forward,” Brown said. "Our practices have been pretty intense and the coaches are making sure we keep improving."

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