Monday, January 4, 2010

Talking to Joey Dorsey of Rio Grande Valley...

Tulsa has faced no team more this season than Rio Grande Valley, so I thought I'd take a few minutes here in Boise to talk to Joey Dorsey of the Vipers (assignee of the Houston Rockets) about the season so far and his views on the art of rebounding. I caught up with him shortly after the Vipers dropped a 101-84 decision to Albuquerque.

On the team chemistry so far this season..."The last few games we've really played together as a team. We've been passing the ball well and everyone has been playing their roles. We don't have any excuses for losing today. We got a little selfish and weren't playing any defense."

On his health..."I've been battling some knee problems and tried to come back against L.A. (on Sunday). On the flight here, it started bothering me again and I had some fluid on my knee. Because of that, I wasn't able to help my team as much as I wanted today."

On his philosophy of rebounding..."I just try to beat my guy out. Position is everything. I've watched a lot of Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace and some of the undersized guys who are great rebounders. It's trying to find the ball and where it's going to go off the rim. You have to be active, and you have to be more active than the other guy."

On being the leader in the West Conference..."If you don't like the pressure, why are you playing basketball? I want to be a leader. We need to keep playing together and keep improving our team chemistry."

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